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45 Sales Report Templates [Daily, Weekly, Monthly Salesman Reports]

45 Sales Report Templates [Daily, Weekly, Monthly Salesman Reports]


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Sales managers should always stay on top of their company’s growth and development. But in reality, it’s hard to determine exactly what or who contributes to its success. This is because there are a lot of factors and stages involved in sales processes.


  • 1 Sales Report Templates
  • 2 The benefits of using a sales report
  • 3 Sales Report Examples
  • 4 Common types of sales reports 
  • 5 Sales Report Samples
  • 6 Tips for making an excellent sales report 
    • 6.1 Know your audience
    • 6.2 Choose the information you share carefully
    • 6.3 Set a time period
    • 6.4 Use the right visuals
    • 6.5 Collect all the data you need
    • 6.6 Limit the fluff

So this is where sales reporting come in. In managing a sales team, it takes more than just computing revenues. If you want to be an effective sales manager, you need to know the whole process of sales. In terms of this, there’s a lot to learn!

Have you ever considered using sales report templates? A sale reporting gives an insight into the whole foundation of sales. It also helps you understand the process of sales operations.

And the sales report would help you keep track of all the information at each step of a sales process. You can analyze the data on it and somehow predict where the success of your company lies. You can also come up with ideas for improvement based on the data in the report.

There’s more to calculating the growth of your company through your sales numbers. You also need to know what’s driving the sales to discover what drives those sales. You need to do this so you can keep your sales up even if your market grows.

Sales Report Templates

Sales Report Template 01

Download “Sales Report Template 01” (26 KB)

Sales Report Template 02

Download “Sales Report Template 02” (30 KB)

Sales Report Template 04

Download “Sales Report Template 04” (37 KB)

Sales Report Template 05

Download “Sales Report Template 05” (39 KB)

Sales Report Template 06

Download “Sales Report Template 06” (39 KB)

Sales Report Template 07

Download “Sales Report Template 07” (36 KB)

Sales Report Template 08

Download “Sales Report Template 08” (93 KB)

Sales Report Template 09

Download “Sales Report Template 09” (38 KB)

Sales Report Template 12

Download “Sales Report Template 12” (72 KB)

Sales Report Template 13

Download “Sales Report Template 13” (80 KB)

You need to be able to understand the reasons behind the results of your sales report. Then you’ll be able to focus on more important things. This is why such reports are very important. Here are some questions you can answer using the document:

  • How come a specific member of the team has many prospects but doesn’t close a lot of deals?
  • How come one member can break sales records while another can’t even get past the first stage of sales?
  • Is your company currently on track to meet your yearly target?
  • Do you need to make some modifications to your sales processes?

Such reports are truly beneficial. This article is all about this document. By the end of the article, you should be able to understand sales reports and even make them effectively.

The benefits of using a sales report

When you make a sales report template, you may be able to enhance your sales processes. There are some important benefits to using sales reporting tools. These apply to any type of business you’re in. Here are some of those benefits:

  • It can help provide genuine communication. A daily sales report can help you learn all about the sales processes which happened in a day. But generally, such tools can help you make the sales process more personal. This is especially for your clients. Even if you have a lot of clients, you can keep a file for each of them. On the file, you can store the whole sales history along with other relevant details. Through this, you can give your clients a better experience each and every time.
  • You can save time with easy access to information. You may want to use your time wisely in order to generate income. To do this, you’ll benefit a lot from asking your people to produce a daily salesman report. These reports would contain relevant information which you can access quickly and easily. If all your information is in one location, referencing becomes a lot easier.
  • You can improve your strategies for client acquisition. The data on your reports may help enable you to identify your best prospects correctly. You can also use the information to focus your communication efforts. This is in relation to your client acquisition strategies. You can lessen the time and expenses of determining if a client is worth pursuing or not. This means that you have higher chances of speaking to clients who are more receptive.
  • Use it to analyze data for development planning. Again, you can use the data on the reports for to your advantage. You can analyze the data to generate useful insights. This may help you boost your sales, close more deals, and enhance your forecast accuracy.
  • Documents all important information. When there are changes and turnovers in your organization, reporting tools may help. They would contain all the information which you may need as for reference. They would help recall important information about clients dealt with in the past.
  • Allows you to deliver an excellent client experience. Clients who work with your organization expect an excellent experience. It’s the basis of your entire sales business. Managing client relationships in a timely manner will definitely enhance your earning potential. Therefore, you’ll be able to form relationships easier in the long-term. As you can see, such reports are truly beneficial. They may seem simple but they would provide you with a lot of advantages. Now let’s take a look at some of the common types of reports made in sales.

Sales Report Examples

Sales Report Template 14

Download “Sales Report Template 14” (29 KB)

Sales Report Template 15

Download “Sales Report Template 15” (44 KB)

Sales Report Template 16

Download “Sales Report Template 16” (35 KB)

Sales Report Template 17

Download “Sales Report Template 17” (212 KB)

Sales Report Template 18

Download “Sales Report Template 18” (132 KB)

Sales Report Template 19

Download “Sales Report Template 19” (113 KB)

Sales Report Template 20

Download “Sales Report Template 20” (23 KB)

Sales Report Template 21

Download “Sales Report Template 21” (73 KB)

Sales Report Template 22

Download “Sales Report Template 22” (497 KB)

Sales Report Template 23

Download “Sales Report Template 23” (47 KB)

Common types of sales reports 

You can make different types of sales report templates or download it from here. Alternatively, you can create it depending on the requirements of the company. You can make a customized format which would fit into your own business.

In doing this, you can create a report template you can use to get all the benefits of sales reporting. Here are some of the most common types of reports:

  • Activities

When you’re managing your sales team, you should be able to coach them well too. The success of sales comes from the efforts of your salespeople. If you want to keep track of their performance, you can ask your people to make a sales activities report.

Through this, you can see how your people are performing. You’ll be able to spot easily who needs help. Then you can help your people improve if needed. Such reports may show the activities as well as the people performing them. Analyzing all this information would be very useful.

  • Bookings trend

This type of report would show you how the sales are doing in a particular time frame. This information would help you identify where you currently stand with your goals. You can determine if you’re on track or you’ve already fallen behind.

  • Churned customers

This type of report would help you understand why people churn out of your customer base. This information may be more useful than learning about why you’ve lost deals in the past.

The information in this report can reveal what went wrong in your sales processes. This mistake may have been the reason why your customers churned out.

  • Company-wide sales benchmarks

This report is also extremely useful. Through this report, you may be able to assess how much stock you can place in your reps’ forecasts. Do this by understanding the usual conversion rates in the steps of your sales process.

This report would also contain the standard cycle length and deal size.

  • Lead aging

This type of report would show you all the information about your leads. Great sales managers know that most leads don’t work out, at least for the first few days. This means that the probability of the leads converting falls drastically.

If all sales personnel make a daily salesman report of this type, it would be very beneficial. It would show information about which people need help in their follow-up processes.

This would then increase the conversion rate of leads to potential opportunities.

  • Pipeline

This type of report is a must-have in a business dealing with sales. Without such a report, there’s no effective way to evaluate the success of your business. A pipeline report can help you learn the things you need to deal with.

You can learn better which deals are “sure” and which ones you’re likely to lose. Also, you may learn how these deals would impact your business.

  • Rep-specific process benchmarks

This type of report serves as the other half of Company-wide sales benchmarks . With both reports, you will be able to understand your business a lot more. This type of report is especially useful if you’re running a huge business.

If one of your reps struggles with meeting the quota, you can use this report. You can refer to it when you’re suggesting some points for improvement.

  • Won and lost deals analysis

In order to understand your business better, these reports would be very useful. You need to keep track of all the deals you win and lose. Then you can start analyzing the deals in order to understand them better.

Try to look for any common aspects of the deals. In doing this, you may gain some valuable insight into your product. You may be able to learn more about its strengths and weaknesses.

These are the most common types of sales reports businesses use. Of course, if none of these apply to your own organization, you can choose to make other types and formats. The important thing is that the report must suit your own needs.

Sales Report Samples

Sales Report Template 24

Download “Sales Report Template 24” (77 KB)

Sales Report Template 25

Download “Sales Report Template 25” (114 KB)

Sales Report Template 26

Download “Sales Report Template 26” (210 KB)

Sales Report Template 27

Download “Sales Report Template 27” (75 KB)

Sales Report Template 28

Download “Sales Report Template 28” (72 KB)

Sales Report Template 29

Download “Sales Report Template 29” (77 KB)

Sales Report Template 30

Download “Sales Report Template 30” (247 KB)

Sales Report Template 31

Download “Sales Report Template 31” (29 KB)

Sales Report Template 32

Download “Sales Report Template 32” (52 KB)

Sales Report Template 33

Download “Sales Report Template 33” (119 KB)

Sales Report Template 34

Download “Sales Report Template 34” (17 KB)

Tips for making an excellent sales report 

If you’re in the sales business, you may have already encountered a sales report. You may have already read different kinds of sales report templates. All these made by different people.

Some are simple and easy to understand while some are too complex. Because of this, you may even become confused after reading them!

When you’re tasked to make such a report, you need to make sure that your readers will understand what you’ve made. Remember that the information in your report is very important. To help you out, here are some tips to guide you:

Know your audience

No matter what kind of report you make, you should already know who will read it. If you know your audience, it will be a lot easier to create the report using the correct wording.

For instance, if you’re writing a daily sales report and you know your boss will read it. Make sure it’s clear and professional. Your report must show the needs of your specific audience. This way, the document will be very useful and efficient.

Choose the information you share carefully

When you’ve already identified your audience, think about the information to share. In some cases, you don’t have to share too many details. But there are also some reports which need to be very detailed. You need to include a lot of details so your audience will understand them better.

Usually, most reports given to the upper management of a business would be very detailed. But such information isn’t required for each report you write. This applies if you’re submitting it someone who’s interested in specific information.

Set a time period

Depending on the type of report you’ll make, you need to set a time period to complete it. If it’s something like a daily salesman report, then you’d have a deadline for submission.

But when you’re deciding for your employees, you need to set the time period. You can ask your sales personnel to create a report daily, weekly, monthly, and so on. The time period will help your people determine where to focus on when making the report.

Use the right visuals

Reports don’t just have to contain text. You can make use of different visuals to convey the information in your document. Remember that the way you present the content is just as important as the content itself.

Collect all the data you need

You can’t create any kind of report without collecting all the data you need first. Make sure that the information is correct and from reliable sources. You need to learn how to collect data efficiently.

Do this so that you can create a compelling and accurate report.

Limit the fluff

It’s quite useless to create an extremely lengthy report which just contains a lot of fluff. Then your audience would have to read the whole thing, even all the useless information.

More often than not, people are more interested in reading brief reports.

It’s very tempting to stuff a report with a lot of information. This is especially true if you want to convey your message completely. However, you need to resist the urge to include too many details.

You need to present a clear, concise, and complete report. This would help them take action if needed.

Sales Report Template 35

Download “Sales Report Template 35” (57 KB)

Sales Report Template 36

Download “Sales Report Template 36” (39 KB)

Sales Report Template 37

Download “Sales Report Template 37” (113 KB)

Sales Report Template 38

Download “Sales Report Template 38” (148 KB)

Sales Report Template 39

Download “Sales Report Template 39” (115 KB)

Sales Report Template 40

Download “Sales Report Template 40” (100 KB)

Sales Report Template 41

Download “Sales Report Template 41” (46 KB)

Sales Report Template 42

Download “Sales Report Template 42” (160 KB)

Sales Report Template 43

Download “Sales Report Template 43” (42 KB)

Sales Report Template 44

Download “Sales Report Template 44” (209 KB)

Sales Report Template 45

Download “Sales Report Template 45” (29 KB)

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  • Free Sales Report Templates

30+ Monthly Sales Report Templates – PDF, DOC

It happens most of the time that a person knows how to go about something but, just because they have forgotten a little bit information, they feel paralyzed and therefore unable to start doing a particular task. Majority will rush to the library to peruse through boring academic books in search of the small part, and maybe even end up with nothing. You may also see Report Templates .

  • 36+ Monthly Report Samples
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If you are trying to complete your business writing and are in the same predicament, here’s why a monthly sales report Format might be the solution: You can also see Sale Sheet Templates .

Simple Monthly Sales Report Template

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Monthly Report Template

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Monthly Expense Report Template in iPages

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Editable Sales Activity Report Template

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Smart Templates for Your Monthly Sales Report

If you’re an entrepreneur, or belong to the corporate world then you will be quite familiar with this term – sales report. A business report is submitted by the members of a company’s sales team, on a regular basis – it could be daily, weekly or monthly. This allows the company executives to track the performance of the team, which forms the driving force of the whole company. It is one of the most significant documents in the field of business, and covers all aspects related to the field of sales and market like changing market trends, some factors that might have affected sales and the overall performance that particular month or week.

Sales Call Report Template in Word

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Monthly Marketing Report Template

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Marketing Report Template in iPages

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Free Sales Report Template

File Format
  • Ai

Free Download

Monthly Sales Activity Report Template

File Format
  • Word
  • Excel

Free Download

Sample Monthly Report Template

File Format
  • Ai

Free Download

Why Is A Sales Report Useful?

A monthly sales report is important because it gives you a complete idea of how the month has been for your company, if it has been good, bad or just average. That way, you can keep a tab on the team and the market trends. If you think your team is lagging behind, you can even ask them to pull up their socks. Web analytics brings the progress of the company to the forefront, for everyone to assess. It can also act as a source of motivation. If your company has been doing well, your sales team is likely to be motivated to keep up the good work.
Writing a sales report can be a tricky business, especially if this is your first time. There are a lot of factors that play a key role while writing the report . That is precisely why you need the help of a sales report template to guide you in your endeavour.

New Release Monthly Sales Report Template Sample

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 64 KB


This sales report sample has been kept exact, and to the point. A small passage has also been added to support the date provided in a tabulated form below. All relevant data has been provided, in a neat organized fashion. You may also see  Sales Call Report Templates .

Sample Monota Monthly Sales Report

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 97 KB


This particular monthly sales report template is available in a PDF format; it provides all the relevant data in the form of a chart templates , with comparisons to assess the progress made by the company.

Printable Monthly Sales Report Forecast Template PDF Format

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 42.7 KB


This ready to print and editable sales report has highlighted the important points in red, so as to make them stand out. It not only includes the present month’s report, but also includes a forecast for the next month and the upcoming year. You may also check out here  Sales Activity Report Templates .

Editable Company Sales report Template Word

File Format
  • DOC

Size: 38.2 KB


This company sales report is in a Word format, making it easy to edit. There are different categories on the left, like revenue, number of customers, unit sales, new business revenue and next to each category, you can add remarks and figures to support your statement. You may also see  Expense Report Format Templates .

Business Monthly Sales Report Template Excel Format

File Format
  • XLS

Size: 5 KB


This sales analysis report in excel format allows you to insert all the data of your sales team performance in the spaces provided. With a forecast for the next month and the next quarter, you would be setting targets for the whole team to match up to. You may also see  Monthly Management Report Templates .

Ford Motor Company Sales Report Sample PDF Download

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 155.3 KB


This is a sample sales report of the Ford company, to help you understand what the sales report of a big company actually looks like. If you download this template, you can edit the details and customize it to form your very own sales report.

Download Monthly Sales Report 2016 Template for Free

File Format
  • Xls

Size: 228.5 KB


The addition of colour to this excel sales report template adds a distinct significance to it. Each colour specifies something important, and that allows your reader to emphasize on the important facts. You can enter your dates, and five fields in your sales report. You may also see  Sample Performance Report Templates .

Monthly Marketing Manager Sales Report Excel Download

File Format
  • Xls

Size: 3.6 KB


A marketing manager has to keep track of a lot of different things simultaneously, this excel report template can help him do that. It contains all the details of the team members, telecalling, cost and revenues and so on. It is comprehensive and to the point.

Monthly Financial Report Template Word Format Download

File Format
  • DOC

Size: 14.9 KB


You can download this template which would be perfect if you’re looking for a comprehensive sales report template. It gives you the two ways of writing a report, the basic reporting system and the detailed one. It is up to you to choose what you want.

Blank Company Monthly Sales Report Template Word Download

File Format
  • DOC

Size: 15 KB


A blank company sales report format should be appropriate, because no two companies can have similar sales reports. You can download this template in a Word format, and the edit the details and customize the template as you please.

Alcohol Sales Report Template Free Editable

File Format
  • DOC

Size: 35.8 KB


If you run a brewery, or own a liquor business, then this sales report format download is perfect for you. It consists of relevant sales related data like your details, the total alcohol sales, the total non alcohol sales and finally the net fee due.

Monthly Sales Review Meeting Template Download

File Format
  • DOC

Size: 2.3 KB


A sales meeting held monthly calls for a review. You could write down all that you concluded from the meeting and add a few pointers in the template as well. It is easily editable and can be customized as you want.

Retail Stores Monthly Sales Report Template Download

File Format
  • DOC

Size: 66.7 KB


This sales report template would be perfect for retail stores. The sales team needs to prepare a good, well organized and presentable sales report every month to show the progress made. They can do so with the help of this template. You may also check out here  Service Report Templates .

Sample Monthly Sales Report Template PDF Printable Download

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 138.6 KB


This PDF format sales report keeps it accurate and to the point. The dates have been included, and so has the company name. Along with that, the amount generated has been included, the target and the revenue at the end of the month have also been mentioned. You may also see  Sales Order Templates .

Monthly Sales Report for the Month of January Sample

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 37.5 KB


Monthly Sales Report Sample

File Format
  • Xls

Size: 10.3 KB


Monthly Sales Activity Report Template

File Format
  • Xls

Size: 33.6 KB


Monthly Sales Report

File Format
  • xls

Size: 37.3 KB


Monthly Sales Report Format

File Format
  • Xls

Size: 33.6 KB


Creating a Sales Report

If you’re planning to write a sales report, first and foremost, you need to look up the format of such a report. You can try searching for sample of sales report, that would give you a clear idea about your report. You could even download a sales report template so that you can utilize it to write the perfect monthly sales report. You may also see  Monthly Report Format Templates .

Firstly, considering that you did a lot of things on business writing during your studies, you already have a strong base of knowledge. Taking you again through everything would be quite unnecessary and also time consuming. What you need is a simple summary, which can be done best by exposing you to a sample of the real document. A quality monthly sales report template does just that. see Sales Report Templates .

Secondly, the internet era has made a huge leap in spread of information. This has done a lot of favor to the world of trade which is robustly undergoing changes- including those to do with business communications. The knowledge you acquired long ago about writing may not be relevant today and so the need to stay updated. You can make use of online monthly sales report format templates to achieve this.

Tips for Writing A Good Sales Report

If you’ve spent hours on the internet looking for ways to write a good sales report, then you might want to take a look at these tips on the sales report format-

  • You can try the memorandum style, where you include all the basic information like the dates covered, department and all pertinent data. Then the most important achievement of the month is mentioned. Then add the month’s sales numbers and also compare them. It would give your reader an idea of how well you’re functioning as a team. You may also check out here  Daily Sales Report Templates .
  •  Or, you can try the standard way where you delve into every little detail starting from the number of products sold, number of calls and follow up calls made etc. If some sales numbers look out of the ordinary, you get to add an explanation along with it.
  • Include exact and accurate data in your sales report. After all, you’re submitting an official report, it has to be perfect from all sides.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Check and recheck all your data before submission.
  • Be organized in your presentation


  • Don’t leave out the failures in your report.
  • Don’t forget to add an explanation for your numbers.

We Are Here to Help!

At template.net, we know how important your sales report is to you. That is why we make it a point to have a vast range of report Samples which you can resort to while writing your report. It can help you with the format, and make your job easier for you.

If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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